I didn’t even know this was here, but then some people started reading this page and I was like oh shoot, there’s nothing there.  So here I am now, writing my “about” page.  What can I say about me?  Hmmm…. let’s do this methodically.

1.) I love cheese
2.) I buy a lot of clothes in Second Life and take pics
3.) I started this blog just because I wanted a reason to keep buying clothes
4.) I also blog at http://www.fabfree.wordpress.com finding you loads of freebies and cheapies in SL that will keep you looking fabbity
5.) Fries are super delicious, but I like them when they’re soft you know like?
6.) I may or may not have a lot of clothing with cats on it.
7.) I do have a lot of clothing with cats on it.
8.) I’m a bit silly a lot of the time
9.) My RL takes place in Canada, but I don’t play that RL game too much, at least not if I can avoid it.
10.) Thanks for being here, you guys are kinda awesome.